February 2020

After the Atto Science Group at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have battled long term stability issues for a few years, I was task to visit this 11mJ (1 kHz) sub-25 fs Red Dragon™ laser system in order to figure out what the problem was. This onsite visit followed by remote support from AA Service Tech allowed this group to get the best conditions the system has been since 2017. Here is the customer's comment:

"I really wanted to thank you for your support and assistance in this process. Your service was pleasant, patient, prompt, and highly professional. You helped us solve issues which have been ongoing for many years." - Omer Kneller

November 2019

"Amelie is the best laser technician I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  We have known, and worked with each other for many years.  She is an amazing problem solver, and understands femtosecond laser technology like no other technician I have ever met.  I have always trusted her to work on my lasers, and always will."

Dr. Sterling Backus, Advanced Projects Scientist, Thorlabs Inc.

January 2019

"Amélie visited our labs twice for service and training and each time with her efficiency and creative solutions the visit went smoothly despite all unforeseen issues. She is meticulous, diligent, patient and plans for the unexpected. Her support goes beyond just the visit, she follows up with the system and issues we may experience later and patiently makes sure we have all that we need.

We enjoy her visits greatly and hope to see her soon."

Parmida Shabestari, PhD candidate, Kaiser Group, MPI-Stuttgart

November 2018

"Amélie and AA Service Tech Inc. has definitely been an important asset for our laboratory. Knowing that she can be counted on has always been reassuring, and this sentiment is strongly reconfirmed when our laser starts to not work as we wished. Amélie is extremely competent and knowledgeable, but also very friendly, able to provide reasonable measures to improve the laser, and gives appropriate follow-ups after services."

Tsuneyuki Ozaki, Professor, INRS

October 2018

"Amélie has been a pleasure to work with for our laser service. We have had 3 visits from Amélie over the years, and each time she has been prompt and efficient, and we are always impressed with the end result. We look forward to more visits from her in the future."

Alice Kunin, PhD candidate, Neumark Group, UC Berkeley

May 2017

"I have known and worked alongside Amélie for over 7 years as a supplier, coworker, supervisor, and friend. She provides the most rare and desirable combination of technical capability, strong work ethic, and drive to provide customer value. She is extraordinarily detail-oriented and thorough in her work. Her character is exemplary - I have not met a more honest and forthright person in the field."

Dr. Neil Anderson, Manager of Program Management, Research Electro-Optics, Inc.


"I have enjoyed and valued working with Amélie for the last 6 years. Her attention to detail and thoroughness as a technician and service engineer are second to none. Moreover, her level of work elevates the work of those working with her. I look forward to working with her and AA Service Tech for years to come"

Benjamin Langdon, PhD, Owner, Crunch Technologies


"I worked with Amélie for 5 years at KM Laboratories and was always impressed with her knowledge of femto-second lasers and optical systems. She traveled the world installing and repairing cutting edge technology, and though the work was difficult and exhausting, she was always up for the challenge and faced it with a positive attitude. Now that I have my own company designing and building coherent laser radar systems, I plan on having Amélie install (and service if necessary) our Lidar units - there's no one else I would trust for such a demanding task!"

Steve Vetorino, Director of Product Development, Sibelloptics Inc.