Our Story

AA Service Tech Inc. was founded in an effort to provide scientists around the world with an on demand technical support/service. We are physics enthusiasts and we want to make sure that experiments keep running smoothly, with no down time. Preventative maintenance, upgrades, and emergency visits are our ways to help you in your research, and ensure your equipment will always give you the best result. We have experience working with lasers from KMLabs, Coherent, Crunch Technologies, Amplitude and Thales, as well as a broad variety of pump lasers.

Founded in 2016, the company grew in the first half of 2017. The highlight was partnering with Crunch Technologies to install a substantial laser amplifier upgrade at the Artemis facility, located at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the U.K.. In addition, we have begun an ongoing relationship with ABB (Quebec). We also performed services and maintenances on laser oscillators located at ETS and INRS (Montreal area).

2018 was an exciting year as we worked with returning customers from ETS and INRS as well as new ones from McGill University. We continued working with ABB, and started a new sub-contract relationship with KMLabs. This brought us to service laser systems at University of California Berkeley, as well as Waseda University (Tokyo).

In 2019 we re-visited some local customers (ETS and McGill) and customers abroad as part as the sub-contract relationship with KMLabs. We also teamed up again with Crunch Technologies for the decommissioning, moving, re-installation and upgrading of a 1 kHz amplifier system with 2 x 8mJ/pulse output at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

2020 started strong with service visits in the Netherlands, Germany and Israel. But it came to a quick stop in March as the pandemic forced major lockdown measures and travel bans. We have continued to be available for our customers remotely to help them get back on track after the shutdown. Until travel can resume safely, we are available remotely.

We are looking forward to 2021!

2007-12-01 INRS

Amelie Auger

Founding President

Amelie brings over 10 years of experience in maintaining, installing and servicing scientific equipment.

After graduating from a 3-year college in Applied Physics Technology, Amelie worked for 4 years as a Research Technician at INRS (Varennes, Quebec). Her favorite part of the work was to help scientist with their experimental setup and keep learning new things about science.

She later became Field Service Engineer for KMLabs Inc. (Boulder, Colorado). Being able to join her passion for travel with her work was great, and the experience gained while moving to a new country was priceless. She worked in various Universities and Institutes around the world (in over 10 countries) for more than 5 years.

Her love for travel and science hasn't changed, and this is why she started AA Service Tech Inc. after moving back to Canada. To continue to travel the world, meet great scientists, help setting up experiments, and use her previous experience to consult on laboratory maintenance and service.

For more details, please visit her LinkedIn